Where time slows down and life tastes different. Sea of ​​fine sand, the Archaeological Park of rare beauty and a pine forest that spreads the most intense scents. Paestum is the place for the soul to get lost in order to find yourself.



A beach of very fine sand, a curtain of maritime pines against the backdrop of gentle green hills. A long tradition of culinary excellence that translates into many starred restaurants and countless trattorias where you can let yourself be pampered by the most authentic flavours. An archaeological park with the best preserved Doric temples of the entire Greek civilization. Here is Paestum, a crossroads of peoples and civilizations, a corner of eternity located between the Cilento National Park and the Amalfi Coast.


The Cilento National Park is a place for those who love the purest and most essential sea. A destination with timeless charm, with the classic echoes of Palinuro, Pollica, where the Mediterranean diet was codified, and the entire Costa del Mito, whose beaches are ranked among the best and cleanest in Italy every year. Cilento is nature and beauty suspended between ancestral myth, solar energy and a thousand pages of history. Villages and rhythms of existence crystallized in time. A cuisine made of raw materials of extraordinary quality, unique products that can only be found in this land.


The idea proved successful and so over the years the Savoy Beach became a reference point for the organization of major events and a destination for artists and personalities, including Gillo Dorfles, who created a series of works for the family. Then, in 2003 the turning point, during a business trip to Tuscany to buy wine for his restaurants, Giuseppe visits an estate and, among the breathtaking landscapes of Chianti, something happens: a faint and the awareness of the desire to return as a child among the barrels , to produce wine like his father or, who knows, even better. Upon returning to Paestum, the dizziness had already turned into a project: thus San Salvatore 1988 was born, the organic farm specialized in wines and conceived as a tribute to the wonderful Cilento. In 2011 the first harvest and bottling, the rest is known history, of successes, awards and recognitions, of many small subtle differences that have made the difference so as to lead the company to expand the production range and create La Dispensa San Salvatore , the restaurant – point of sale of all the most iconic products of Cilento where the chefs are the Cilento housewives. A story of such great successes as to then require the help of the new generations: Salvatore and Andrea, today respectively in charge of the hotel industry and of the agricultural company and of La Dispensa the other.


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Via Poseidonia, 41 Paestum Capaccio SA ITALY
Telephone: +39 0828 1990900