Holos spa is a microcosm of beauty designed to offer a rebirth of body and mind.


A new SPA in Campania

Holos spa is characterized by spaces of great personality: approximately 700 square meters of environments designed to be intimate and welcoming, the result of the combination of cold and shiny materials such as purple Calacatta marble which contrasts with the warmer and more porous lava stones. It was created to offer a concept of total well-being: from the three swimming pools at controlled temperatures, through the salt cave, the ice room, the Hammam, the sauna and arriving at yoga on the beach or in the pine forest in the morning up to the proposals created ad hoc by the two Michelin star chef.
The entire experience is designed to work on the absolute well-being of body and mind, drawing on the age-old knowledge related to well-being that has always been handed down here in Cilento.

The spa

In fact, not far from Paestum stands the ancient Elea, the cradle city of Western philosophical thought which also became the reference point for the care of the body and spirit of the elite of the classical world. It was a holistic approach that later became the basis for what was the first medical school in the Western world: the Salerno medical school. This ancient tradition of well-being is combined in Holos with an important technological contribution, starting from the technology designed to sanitize the air, which is sterilized through a series of antimicrobial systems that do not allow the formation of bacteria. Thus in Holos spa we have brought together our heritage of well-being with the cutting edge of technological innovation and the best of international knowledge in the field of wellness, in an ideal agreement between local and international, tradition and innovation.

Treatment line

The entire line of spa treatments is made from organic raw materials produced in the heart of the Cilento National Park by San Salvatore 1988, our award-winning family farm that brought the ancient production to the fore in the international press of wine in Cilento. San Salvatore 1988 is a zero impact company located in the heart of the Cilento National Park, in areas never touched by intensive farming. Here tradition and innovation come together to create an eco-sustainable production of great quality value. These excellences have been used by our experts to create a line of treatments with a high nutritional and anti-aging value. Buffalo milk, grape must, olive oil are some of the raw materials that formed the basis for the production of our skincare line: a pampering for the skin with the utmost respect and protection of the environment.


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Via Poseidonia, 41 Paestum Capaccio SA ITALY
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