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In Paestum, in Cilento, between the sea of ​​fine sand and the hills that thin out looking towards Capri, there are a series of hotels and restaurants that have been handed down from generation to generation.

These are the structures belonging to the Pagano family, which has been dedicated to excellent hospitality for thirty years.

It all started in Paestum with the boutique Hotel Esplanade, created to host large events – weddings in particular – in a context of rare elegance. The rooms overlooking the Mediterranean garden park at the Esplanade are joined by twenty-two rooms designed to offer comfort and refinement, in a highly glamorous setting close to the pine forest that borders the beach.

Dopo il successo di questo albergo, la famiglia Pagano crea il Savoy Beach Hotel, oggi diventato “Savoy Hotel & Spa”, nato come il tempio dell’ospitalità a due passi dai templi di Paestum. Il Savoy diventa la location ideale per i matrimoni più ricercati, quelli alla ricerca di una proposta food senza eguali e al tempo stesso in un contesto dalla bellezza senza tempo.

Over the years, the Savoy offer has been enriched with a Beach Club on the sea with a swimming pool, the Beach Club 93, a spa designed for a rebirth of body and mind, the Holos spa, and a restaurant proposal that ranges from vegetable tavern, with Olivella, up to a two-star restaurant in the Michelin Italia 2023 guide, the Tre Olivi.

The luxury hotel with a timeless style that combines holidays, events, weddings, excellent catering and an unrivaled wellness center in Paestum

The Mediterranean charm of a prestigious hotel in Paestum

The wellness center in Paestum with private spa to regenerate body and mind

The two Michelin star restaurant in Campania included in the Michelin Italy 2024 guide

The exclusive private beach with swimming pool overlooking the sea and luxurious suites in Paestum


The farm in the heart of the Cilento National Park


Via Poseidonia, 41 Paestum Capaccio SA ITALY
Telephone: +39 0828 720100


Via Poseidonia, 291 Paestum Capaccio SA ITALY
Telephone: +39 0828 851005


Via Poseidonia, 41 Paestum Capaccio SA ITALY
Telephone: +39 0828 1990905


Via Poseidonia, 41 Paestum Capaccio SA ITALY
Telephone: +39 0828 720023


Via Marittima, 1 Paestum Capaccio SA ITALY
Telephone: +39 0828 1997394


Via Poseidonia, 41 Paestum Capaccio SA ITALY
Telephone: +39 0828 1990900