The Esplanade boutique hotel is a gem of timeless beauty just a few steps from the temples of Paestum. Here the style speaks a language capable of weaving together atmosphere, allure and emotion.


Day Hall

A grand piano welcomes guests of the Esplanade boutique hotel in the lobby. The mood is that of a private Mediterranean residence that opens its doors to a few selected family friends. Thus the hall has the warmth of a glamorous and chic living room, enriched by works by internationally renowned artists or talents discovered between the Amalfi and Cilento coasts. The soft leather or velvet sofas invite you to relax and seem to say "take a seat, time stops here so you can relax".

The veranda

Whether reading a book or sipping a cocktail prepared with lemons from the garden, the veranda is the ideal place to relax surrounded by precious details. A corner of beauty overlooking the Mediterranean garden with a thousand shades and the mosaic swimming pool, an intimate and welcoming space that combines Mediterranean echoes with exotic details. The environments here are characterized by a discreet and never banal luxury, spaces where light filters through the Venetian blinds and creates plays of suggestion and poetry.

The Terrace

Almost an extension of the Mediterranean garden, the Terrace is a private corner for small parties and private events. Here the secular olive trees and the bougainvillea almost form the wall of this elegant area with a timeless charm. On the ground, the Vietri ceramics further illuminate the space with light that is reflected on the furnishings selected with care and attention.

The garden

An arch of scented wisteria welcomes visitors to the garden, almost like a door that anticipates the beauty that will reveal itself a few steps further on. Walking along it almost seems to enter another dimension and in fact the scents and colors of the garden are designed to transport you into an atmosphere of relaxation and pleasantness. Three rose gardens, lemon trees, olive trees and plants with a tropical charm, the garden enchants visitors with fragrant notes and bright colours.

The pergola and the swimming pool

In the Cilento tradition, every house, even if small, has a terrace or garden with a pergola.
So the Esplanade could not miss this corner of natural coolness, an area positioned adjacent to the swimming pool and the outdoor bar counter.
The mosaic swimming pool has a large fountain which comes alive in the evening with jets and plays of light.

The Wine Cellar

A treasure chest that houses the most important labels. A place that welcomes eight hundred references that can be discovered under the guidance of our sommeliers. A taste experience to combine with the creations of our chef Oliver Glowig to build indelible memories for the heart and the palate.


Via Poseidonia, 41 Paestum Capaccio SA ITALY
Telephone: +39 0828 720100


Via Poseidonia, 291 Paestum Capaccio SA ITALY
Telephone: +39 0828 851005


Via Poseidonia, 41 Paestum Capaccio SA ITALY
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Via Poseidonia, 41 Paestum Capaccio SA ITALY
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Via Poseidonia, 41 Paestum Capaccio SA ITALY
Telephone: +39 0828 1990900